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Amazing Out-of-Body Experiences by Carl R. Green,William R. Sanford,Gerald Kelley PDF

By Carl R. Green,William R. Sanford,Gerald Kelley

ISBN-10: 1464503419

ISBN-13: 9781464503412

Imagine you're floating freely during the sky. without warning, you glance down and spot your physique mendacity a ways less than. you're connected to it by means of a skinny, silver wire. Is it a dream, or are you having an out-of-body event (OBE)? humans world wide and all through background claimed to have had an OBE. They declare to trip with no worry for nice distances or via partitions. Do such astral voyages actually happen? Scientists say no, yet many nonetheless think within the paranormal. study the talk during this ebook for reluctant readers and choose for your self.

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Lucky Lindy’s OBE After World War I, brave pilots competed to set records for speed and distance. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh joined the ranks of aviation’s greatest heroes. “Lucky Lindy” captured the nation’s heart by flying nonstop from New York to Paris. Once he was airborne, Lindbergh faced a flight of more than thirty hours. Twenty-two hours after takeoff, the Spirit of St. Louis flew into a thick fog. As the plane droned on through the gray mist, Lindbergh fought to stay awake. Then, he revealed years later, he seemed to slip into an OBE.

Gerhardie writes that in one OBE he was pushed forward and placed on his feet. He staggered to the bedroom door, but could not turn the handle. His hand, he found, could not grip the knob. Looking back, he saw he was tied to his sleeping body by a glowing silver cord. When he floated through the front door, he felt he could fly anywhere he wished. But would his lifeline break? The question sent him flying back to his sleeping form, but all was well. Happy with his new freedom, he flew off again.

8 It appears that OBEs and NDEs are still going strong. Astral Flyer or Astral Fraud? Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky left Russia for the West in the 1800s. At first, she wandered through Europe, holding séances. Her journeys then led her to New York, where she met Henry Olcott. In 1875, Blavatsky and Olcott founded a group devoted to the study of what they called theosophy. ” Followers gathered to learn “the magic of the ancients” from HPB (Helena Blavatsky’s initials). Humans, she said, exist on many planes beyond the earthly one.

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Amazing Out-of-Body Experiences by Carl R. Green,William R. Sanford,Gerald Kelley

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