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Algorithmics for Vlsi by C. Trullemans PDF

By C. Trullemans

ISBN-10: 0127012303

ISBN-13: 9780127012308

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Additionally, we assume c((i,j)) = 0 if ( i l j ) 6E. s E V is a vertex called source with no incoming edges di(s) = 0. t E V is a vertex called sink with no outgoing edges do(t) = 0. In Fig. 8 an example of a network is shown. The capacities are the numbers written next t o the edges. Please note that it is possible t o define a network via an undirected graph as well. For the models we encounter here, directed networks are sufficient. An actual flow of fluid through the network can be described by introducing another labeling f : V x V -+ R.

Here each array contains at most three entries per node. This is true for trees as well. If the maximum number of sons for each node is known, usually the following type of realization is used, which is similar t o the representation of lists via pointers. Along with the information which is t o be stored in a node, an array containing pointers to the sons is kept. If a node has less than the maximum number of sons, some pointer values contain the value NULL. In Fig. 10 a realization of the tree from Fig.

On the other hand, the graph contains the path 6 , 1 , 3 , 4 . Node 1 has the outdegree od(1) = 1 and indegree id(1) = 2. The total degree is d(1) = id(1) od(1) = 3 as in 0 thc case of the undirected graph. 2: A directed graph. 2 Trees and Lists A very important subclass of graphs are connected graphs without cycles. They are called trees. The name arises from the fact that it is possible t o draw a tree in the following way: 0 0 All nodes are arranged in several levels 1 = 0 , 1 , . . , h. + There are edges only between vertices of adjacent levels 1 and 1 1.

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