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By Dimitrije E. Panfilov

Over the past few a long time the end result of facial cosmetic surgery (facelifts) has more desirable dramatically and has additionally had an expanding effect at the caliber of existence for the getting older inhabitants. more youthful sufferers have additionally lately expressed curiosity in person beautification in their beneficial properties. This authoritative reference booklet assembles the adventure of a global school of authors, every one of whom has played numerous thousand facelifts, i.e. strategies to rejuvenate and harmonize the human face. All methods during this regard are coated and the textual content is observed through huge art and pictures. The authors proportion their event, together with assistance and methods, in addition to how you can keep away from issues and pitfalls. targeted emphasis is given to the idea that of the face as a mosaic, i.e. treating its person components in a harmonic method and conserving mimic devices. Combining assorted tools, it really is attainable to enhance the general consequence and lower the aggressiveness of singular methods, which ends up in fewer hazards and less issues. The ebook is aimed toward plastic surgeons starting to practice facial cosmetic surgery in addition to skilled surgeons, who will enjoy the mammoth and profound event of the contributing authors. A kaleidoscope of 363 very important elements, tips and methods in facial cosmetic surgery rounds up the presentation. The integrated DVD additional complements the sensible worth of the booklet with movies of techniques played via the editor.

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Duncan Rowland from the University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland has defined the prototype of the “hyperwoman”. By this he means the female face according to the small-child model, the appearance of which suggests the need for protection. This facial appearance comprises a small nose, large eyes, and a short distance between eyes and chin. High curved eyebrows, somewhat hollow cheeks, and a relatively large mouth are then added to this “baby face”. 8 years old, an age when the levels of the female hormone oestrogen are at their highest, the form of the breast at its most voluptuous, and the lips are at their fullest – one need only think of the pouted mouth of Brigitte Bardot.

Fig. 1. Actress and singer showing basic emotions after her secondary facelift at the age of 54. ru 4 Facial Expression Fig. 2. A man of 80 smiling with both lips and eyes showing a natural “Duchenne smile”. A smiling face somehow cannot look ugly Facial expression results from the play of the muscles of the face and as a form of social expression makes a decisive contribution to interpersonal communication. It relates stories and issues orders, betrays aggression, and displays affection. Our facial expression is able to convey six basic emotional states: happiness, sadness, revulsion or disgust, surprise or amazement, anger, and fear.

Panfilov The human being is an emotional sculpture which cries and smiles. Physical disorders, defects, or imperfections can be surgically improved on condition that our emotional costume is not damaged. Hardly anyone will opt for an operation merely because he/ she has too much time or money. It is psychological suffering that brings people to ask a plastic surgeon for help. Michelangelo said: “See the shape within the Fig. 1. a A 25-year-old person; it helps us when our patients bring us their pictures of when they were young.

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