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By Frederick I. Ordway III

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The response time of multivibrators varies with the quiescent current drain. If minimal drain is required, the speed is compromised as the coupling network time constants set the quiescent current. It is most economical to grade the response of a scaler, using high speed multivibrators only at the detector end and reducing the counter speed towards the output. A word of caution is that minimal current drain tends to introduce instabilities in response so that one should design for several milliamperes current drain per stage.

4 . T H E E F F E C T S OF PRECESSION Two types of payloads are used for space probes, the spin stabilized payload and what can be called the actively stabilized payload. In this latter category are those vehicles which do not utilize the total body angular momentum for stabilization, but employ an inertial sensing unit and some type of angular momentum transfer mechanism such as jets, motors, rockets, etc. The spin stabilized body which introduces some of the most interesting consequences is at present most commonly used.

16. 40 EXPERIMENTAL P H Y S I C S USING SPACE VEHICLES 41 the integral bias level is affected by changes in gain, care must be taken in the construction to minimize this effect. The dynode resistor network is a major factor in gain variations and carbon type resistors have a large variation in temperature coefficient. B y hand selection of resistors tested over a range of temperatures to be expected in the payload, temperature dependent gain variability can be reduced. An example of threshold variation with temperature for the scintillator of Fig.

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