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1 lb, it is found that these two new data points will fall directly on top of the original data points B and C, respectively. This demonstrates quite dramatically the nearly total lack of history dependence in the results. - 6 - 9 0 - LL 4 - 2 - -4 -2 0 2 4 6 Applied gate bias Vgr FIG. 12. Measured flat-band voltage versus gate bias at low and medium cumulative dose values. 2 105 1 . 6 x x x x x lo7 lo7 lo7 lo8 10’ Time per point (set) 240 120 30 30 30 Furthermore, when one performs type 1 irradiations at + 6 and - 15 V, each with the same respective doses as indicated for points A, B, and C , then, once again the corresponding data points fall directly on top of the previous points for type 2 irradiations.

1 lc show the very high dose level case. As indicated in the figure, for these high-dose cases, Vgrcan be stepped back and forth over and over again without any observable change in structure or position of the curve. Thus, at these high dose levels a condition of dynamic equilibrium 34 J . N. CHURCHILL et al. has been achieved in which, due to a balance between opposing physical processes, the charge distribution in the oxide is unaffected by further increases in cumulative dose. Note that, even though the shape of the curve has stabilized, the actual value of V,, varies periodically (between the high value at the right end of the curve and the low value at the left end) as V,, is cycled repeatedly back and forth between the two extreme values.

For example, when the field near one MODELING OF IRRADIATED MOS STRUCTURES 21 interface or another becomes large enough, tunneling into the insulator can occur. Tunneling arises with intense applied fields and/or when the charge density near the interface is sufficiently large (81). Concentrations of surface charge larger than approximately 4 x 1 O I 2 cm-’ would “encourage tunneling of electrons from the silicon, annihilating the positive charge” (81). Thus, tunneling could play a significant role in maintaining the dynamic equilibrium condition that characterizes the high-dose irradiation cases.

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