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By Elaine Viets

ISBN-10: 045122258X

ISBN-13: 9780451222589

A person has killed Halley Hardwicke, the new younger fashion designer of thousand-dollar Italian silk scarves, within the mall parking lot-and police have their eye on Jake, the husband of Josie's ally Alyce. The couple lived close to the wrap maven, however it turns out Halley and Jake have been a bit too neighborly. So Josie makes a decision to do what she does most sensible to assist out her friend-go undercover and notice if she will locate a few clues. simply because this time, there is a lot extra at stake than a headband, no matter if it is to die for...

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Mike returned with a gray toolbox and a wary expression. "We’re having a frittata," Alyce said. " Josie choked. Alyce kicked her. "No thanks," Mike said. "I had lunch already. " He looked around the kitchen. " "I do," Josie said. "I love the special sauce. " Where did that come from? Mike’s eyebrows shot up. "As a beauty aid," Josie added. " Alyce had such a bad coughing fit that Josie had to pound her on the back. Mike tried to get her a glass of water, but he couldn’t find the cabinet with the glasses in the acres of unmarked oak.

I need some coffee," Alyce said. " They stopped at a kiosk for double lattes, then plopped down on the wrought-iron chairs in the mall’s indoor garden. A pink froth of flowers poured from terra-cotta pots. Sunlight streamed through the skylights in shimmering shafts. The fountain’s soft patter soothed them. "This is such a beautiful mall," Alyce said. " "Why? Because you saw two thefts? " "Not where I shop," Alyce said. "Yes it does," Josie said. "One million Americans shoplift every day. They boost roughly twenty thousand dollars a minute.

Alyce broke another pair of eggs. " Josie said. "Not a single piece of shell. " "Thank you," Alyce said. " Josie asked. "For taking me seriously about the Dorchester Mall. For not making me feel like a sheltered housewife. But you still haven’t answered my question. " "My mom. " "Peer pressure," Josie said. Alyce laughed. "Your mom is what? " "Sixty-eight," Josie said. "Jane gave up smoking after my father walked out on us, because she couldn’t afford cigarettes. She needed every penny to raise me.

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