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By Matthew Delooze

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Oh we get the odd expert on TV or on a DVD, but they don’t really ‘know’ anything apart from tell us that the temples are made of special stones, full of numbers, ambiguous stories and occult symbolism. Therefore I can say too that if you look at the comedy carpet properly you will see many examples of ambiguous wording, strange symbols and numbers too. And hey just because the comedy carpet is done in pretty red and blue colours and the words are jokes, please don’t let your ego fob off what I’m saying because ALL the temples in ancient Egypt were done in the exact same way as the comedy carpet, but of course they used the figures and words of the time.

That said Lancashire is only as corrupt as any other authority in this country. Anyway what to you think of this ceremonial room and its view? Is this room only appearing as an Altar in a temple of blatant idol worship to my eyes? Have I got some sort of monument-phrenia or statue disorder or something? Again I’m 100% sure that this building can be used for various out of hours rituals and of course the tower and its eye is /will be used in conjunction with it. Maybe I’m mad for stating it? Mind you isn’t this Festival House just a place of ritual on a normal five-sense level anyway?

The first ceremony took place on the 12th January 2012) I have no doubts that Festival House will also be used for out of hours events in its own right too. ) It is also ideally placed on the prom to be used for Golden Mile procession rituals during the official illuminations period, which I pointed out in 2005, when I explained that the Golden Mile at Blackpool was used to replicate another ancient ritual (Festival of Opet). I also believe this Festival House could also be used as an official witness booth to allow a high ranking agent in the Serpent Cult to endorse certain events, including initiation ceremonies, taking place in the tower eye too (It is directly facing the tower).

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