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Hardcover version of this linguistic number of euphemisms and different figures of speech by means of Hugh Rawson

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Or perhaps he got it from the lingo of prizefighting, where a "baloney" used to be a clumsy, unskilled fighter (a "palooka"), or from the Chicago stockyards, where an old bull, who was fit for making nothing else, was called a "bologna. " See also BS, NUTS, and SHUCKS. bang. " The association between sex and violence is strong,- see also ACTION and the etymology of F . barnyard epithet. Bullshit—and the second most memorable euphemistic circumlocution coined by the New York Times (for the current number one, see OBSCENE, DEROGATORY, AND SCATOLOGICAL).

Anti-Jewish. : "One third of Mr. Begin's prepared text was devoted to what he termed anti-Semitic remarks in the Egyptian press, although Arabs, too, are Semites" (New York Times, 1/24/78). "Anti-Semitic" is preferred to "anti-Jewish" because "Jew" is a loaded word. See also ARAB and HEBREW. apprehend. To arrest, to nab, police-ese. appropriate. To steal. 8, "appropriate" may be further embellished to cover particular kinds of thefts by particular thieves, e. , bank tellers who misappropriate and nations that expropriate.

See also CAPITAL PUNISHMENT and INTERROGATION. aversion therapy. The use of pain and/or fear to persuade a person to change his or her behavior,- also called behavior modification. Typically, aversion therapy involves electric shocks or forced vomiting. The idea is that the "patient" will associate the pain with the undesirable behavior, come to regard that behavior pattern as repugnant, and then change it. The technique is used in many up-to-date CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES and MENTAL HOSPITALS. " And it doesn't always work.

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