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By John Murphy

An honest Provision is a story historical past of the way and why Australia outfitted a particular welfare regime within the interval from the 1870s to 1949. in the beginning of this era, the Australian colonies have been belligerently insisting they need to no longer have a bad legislation, but had reproduced a few of the platforms of charitable provision in Britain. by means of the beginning of the 20 th century, a mix of prolonged suffrage, easy salary law and the elderly pension had resulted in a name as a 'social laboratory'. And but part a century later, Australia was once a 'welfare laggard' and the exertions Party's welfare nation of the mid-1940s was once a comparatively modest and parsimonious development. types of welfare according to social coverage were vigorously rejected, and the Australian approach endured on a direction of hugely residual, distinct welfare funds.

The ebook explains this curious and halting trajectory, displaying how offerings made in prior a long time limited what should be performed, and what can be imagined. according to huge new study from quite a few fundamental assets it makes an important contribution to basic old debates, in addition to to the sphere of comparative social coverage.

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43–5. 28 Report of the Royal Commission on Charitable Institutions: Synopsis, Minutes of Evidence and Appendix, VPP, Legislative Assembly, vol. 6, 1891, p. 989. 29 This was, in effect, a counsel of despair; assisting the poor was counter-productive because it would both undermine self-reliance and the wages system. S. 30 Working on this ruthless theory, as Goldstein frankly told the commission, their approach was ‘the general setting of our faces against indiscriminate giving’. How they set their faces was then revealed in Goldstein’s description of the objects of the COS.

But much of it was costly, and none of these initiatives survived the economic crisis of the early 1890s. The commission also proposed a substantial administrative reform of the charitable system in Victoria. The colony should be divided into districts, with a board elected by the municipalities in that district; these boards would allocate government and local funds on a more systematic basis. 34 They proposed a Central Board of Charity, with ‘entire control’ of the allocation of government grants.

438, 440, 451. 32 Kennedy, ‘Charity and Ideology’, pp. 73–4, and Olive Wykes, ‘Morris, Edward Ellis (1843–1902)’, ADB, vol. 5 (Melbourne, 1974), pp. 293–4. E. Fredman, ‘Zox, Ephraim Laman (1837–1899)’, ADB, vol. 6 (Melbourne, 1976), pp. 462–3. 31 A Decent Provision 20 ‘their indigent relations who are burdens on the Charitable Institutions’, and they supported the boarding-out or foster care system for children, with a preference for placements in the country. None of this was particularly controversial, and nor did it reflect the mission of the COS.

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