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By Huang Y., Gao X., Zhang Z.

This paper provides a (10 + ε)-approximation set of rules to compute minimum-weight attached dominating set (MWCDS) in unit disk graph. MWCDS is to choose a vertex subset with minimal weight for a given unit disk graph, such that every vertex of the graph is contained during this subset or has a neighbor during this subset. in addition to, the subgraph caused via this vertex subset is attached. Our set of rules consists of 2 levels: the 1st section computes a dominating set, which has approximation ratio 6 + ε (ε is an arbitrary optimistic number), whereas the second one section connects the dominating units computed within the first part, which has approximation ratio four.

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A better constant-factor approximation for weighted dominating set in unit disk graph by Huang Y., Gao X., Zhang Z.

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